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Kids Alive! Restoring Right (1 session)


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This weekly mindfulness-based & positive blessings sessions will take your child through understanding themselves and how to navigate the world in harmonic ways which works for them and also with others e.g. peers, parents, teachers,


What the programme covers:

  1. For the child:
  • Develop an awareness of their personalities and their growing years of mental, emotional and physical development from their unique design
  • Learn resources that can help them work with themselves and develop a better relationship with others
  • Understand and practice mindfulness concept
  • Develop strong emotional and mental regulation
  • Develop strong resilience 
  • Develop deep appreciation for what they have in life
  • Develop understanding of their life purpose and become intrinsically motivated
  • Develop mindful-based awareness and make conscious decisions

2. For the parent:

  • Parents will receive weekly updates of their child’s progress and developments
  • Parents will receive powerful insights / realisations / discoveries of their child and understand their child deeply, especially from unspoken & subconscious data
  • Parents will be given priority to embark on 8-week Parenting & Mindfulness for Wellbeing Programme
  • Parents will be invited an option to opt in to a three 2-hour coaching sessions to discover their personality design and parenting tips and strengths
  • Parents will be invited to attend quarterly 1-hour online parenting workshops


Be in for a treat! The programme is specially designed based on the principles and essences of

  • Educational Psychology,
  • Choice Theory Psychology,
  • Secular Mindfulness,
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy,
  • Energetic genetics design
  • Multi-Intelligenced Based Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Enneagram


With these approaches and together with skills and experience, the programme has the aim of helping both parent and child bond more deeply and your child to develop wholistically, with a deeper love love for learning.

  • The Kids Alive! Restoring Right weekly sessions are conducted face-to-face at child’s home.
  • All materials, tools and equipment will be provided.
  • *Parents are recommended to allow for at least 6 months of personal coaching for the child, to see more permanent and lasting effects that allow the child to move more confidently & joyfully forward in life.

At only $87.12 (after membership rebate) per hour for 2 hours, this programme creates strong wholistic fundamentals. It can be one of the best parenting gifts you gift to yourself and your child that you both can smile and reflect down memory lane. 

  • This is especially important in the fast-changing climate environment of today. 
  • It helps your child deal with real issues that they fear to share due to judgement by authorities. 
  • It will address deep concerns within them
  • They will feel supported and less possibilities of depressive, suicidal thoughts or turning to social media / gaming as an escape. 


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It’s a vision of a space where we are heard and we feel safe & at ease. Each individual matters - self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. As we connect within our hearts and bodies, we become clear of our purposes and more fully at peace and joyful. Each is different and yet feels sameness with the other. We belong as One. & We connect. Together. As a community. Hence, Our Sacred Sanctuary is born.