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8-week Mindfulness-based Wellbeing Enhancement Programme


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A Quick Glance of the Programme:

8-week Comprehensive Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement Programme

  • Researched-based with scientific evidence, thoughtfully and carefully designed to bring out maximum enhancement of your well-being


Enhance effective parenting skills that work just for you

  • Not only will you experience a better relationship with your kids after that, you will also enjoy richer moments with yourself and with your spouse.



Fully Experiential With Practices, Inquiries & Teaching Segments

  • Helps you transform your own learnings into useful applications in all areas of your life


Simple Practices That You Can Apply Into Your Daily Routines

  • Pick up clear & concise mindfulness practices that will effectively support you to become more effectively mindful in your daily moments.


Happier, Grounded & Relaxed In The Current Moment

  • Through the programme, find deeper meaning in your work and relationship


Affordable & Value-Packed

  • At only $899 for 8 quantities of 2.5hours session and 1 no. of 4-hour retreat.
  • Instalment via Shopback (3 months) or Grabpay (4 months) are available.


A Weekly-Guided Manual and A Mindfulness Book To Accompany You Through Each Week

  • Reading supplements while you practise to make the experience complete


Community-Supportive Learning

  • Sharing and learning together helps to enrich the learning


Exclusive, Up-close and Personal

  • In a small group of 6 – 12 participants, we explore the depths of ourselves in a safe and non-judgemental space



Strengthen Foundation for Silent Medtation Practices

  • Be it Vipassana or other spiritual meditations that you already have in place, this 8-week programme will complement well and help you develop better results



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Class will commence with minimum 6 people. You will be informed when the class is confirmed. In the event of insufficient take-up rate, the class will be cancelled and your money will be refunded. 

It’s a vision of a space where we are heard and we feel safe & at ease. Each individual matters - self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. As we connect within our hearts and bodies, we become clear of our purposes and more fully at peace and joyful. Each is different and yet feels sameness with the other. We belong as One. & We connect. Together. As a community. Hence, Our Sacred Sanctuary is born.