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Dedication to Mother Earth & Humanity

A Love & Care

We are Committed

Our Sacred Sanctuary and its Founder, Sue-Ann, care for Mother Earth and are consistently practising mindful ways to reduce carbon footprint. We source for supplies that comes from sustainable sources & support Earth-Friendly measures. We also create products that are completely natural, cruelty-free & biodegradable. Each choice, from the conception to its completion, is made with Mindful Intentions & Love. 

Take a Peek at What We Do:


1) Reuse & Recycling of Bottles & Savings Cost back to Customers.

In expressing our love for Mother Earth & advocacy to reduce carbon footprint, Our Sacred Sanctuary is offering all our customers DIRECT DISCOUNT for purchase of REFILL PACK to fill up their existing tubes / jars.


$1 off for purchase of trio starter-kit refill

$2 off for purchase of 150g jars of salt scrub refill


Isn't this something worth celebrating? 🙂


2) Plant-A-Tree Reforestation Project. OSS engages printing company that supports planting-a -tree reforestation project for each printing project.

Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 10.06.41 PM

3) Social Projects. OSS currently supports charity organisations such as Charity Waters, WWF and does projects to help organisations that support socially-disadvantaged people. You will be happy to know that 5% of each purchase goes to one of these organisations.

4) Compassionate & Mindful Living Choices. The Founder, Sue-Ann, is a Vegan, in alignment with her love for all living beings. She chooses a mindful & compassionate approach in her daily routines, conversations, actions and work, in her mission to support harmony towards all beings.  She also creates and uses products that are Earth-Friendly. Some of these products are available on the website and are shared with customers at a reasonable value-added price. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers for their support and belief in our work.  May you continue to stay blessed and live with love & joy, knowing that you are always loved & supported. 

In Gratitude Always.


It’s a vision of a space where we are heard and we feel safe & at ease. Each individual matters - self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. As we connect within our hearts and bodies, we become clear of our purposes and more fully at peace and joyful. Each is different and yet feels sameness with the other. We belong as One. & We connect. Together. As a community. Hence, Our Sacred Sanctuary is born.