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Who we are

Our Sacred Sanctuary

Our Sacred Sanctuary is a safe, heart-connecting space of love, ease and acceptance. It is where we slow down and reconnect to the nuances of life, rediscover & understand ourselves and celebrate all parts of us, just the way we are. We aspire to tap into the deep understanding and non-judgemental awareness of ourselves to transform our wellbeing.

The Logo

What It Means

The OSS Tree Logo represents the Gift of Life. It was inspired by the book, The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. It represents a shelter & space where one can sit to rest, be nurtured, be heard and feel supported. Its leaves are multi-coloured as they represent the multi-shades of emotions and seasons that we are as humans. Regardless of which colours we are in, we are still beautiful. Every leaf matters, and together, they form the complete us that we are. 


Who I am

Short Bio of loves & Achievements

Hello! I am Sue-Ann, the founder of Our Sacred Sanctuary. I’m an integrated mindfulness-based teacher, life-coach and spiritual healer. I loves simple & natural things. I enjoy exploring and appreciating the beauty & excellence of things and people. At the same time, I harmonise & balance within and outside of me. I also aspire to maintain gentleness & care for Mother Earth.

I love supporting inner transformation at the visceral level with love, ease and gentle ways. This is done through steadfast intuitive guiding hand of love & trust. That means a completely renewed habit, behaviours, actions, thoughts, emotions, persona and body. I devote to support the light in our hearts & flow in our bodies. This intention is infused into every service, product & program.

As a coach, I have worked with people ranging from homemakers to executives. I have also conducted sessions with Public Service Officers from various organisations and staff in social services.

I wholeheartedly bring value & essence of my learnings & insights to each client. I have enjoyed walking with them on their journey and celebrating their growth. I empower my clients with self-help resources with my wide repertoire of tools, skills & wisdom. Through support & guidance, they have derived their own life-long insights and resources that help them to move on in life and live better than they first began.

One of my greatest life-fulfilments is embarking on an exciting journey of Self-Mastery. It has helped me realised and understood everything that I did not and it empowers me to make life-changing better decisions than I ever did.

I am now an accredited Mindfulness Life Coach & an Alternative Wellness Healing Practitioner, having gone through a range of teacher & coach trainings to get to where I am today. Some of it are shown as below.


As for personal achievements, they include:

  • stage-fright to confidence in speaking to groups and hosting workshops and classes
  • burn-outs & low immunity to thrive with energy sustainability
  • workaholism to prioritisation with less is more and more enjoyment 
  • unfulfilled dreams to living out every dream now 
  • aloof and inability to connect to forging better relationships with people around me
  • overly independence and refusing help to collaboration and partnerships with others

Check Her Out!

Background for Sounds

Sue-Ann has her early beginnings with music training since 5 years old. She started her journey in classical solo piano and has a Merit award of Grade 8 from Trinity College London. It was her growing years that she discovered while she could methodically play structured and rigorous songs of different types, her flair and love came alive when she could weave and explore flexible sound creations of her own. Her music journey continues on her own thereafter to explore healing and relaxation through sounds, tones, vibrations. As of present, she has selected and used several premium quality, unique instruments to create intuitive sound journeys that deeply relax and restore natural states within her audience. She is also currently training and exploring vocals and percussion rhythms to infuse richness into her repertoire of sounds work during her retreats.

Background for Movements

Since young, Sue-Ann has a strong inclination towards dance and movement. She appreciates and enjoys the various forms and is often one most attentive audience during such performances. In her younger days, however, she was led to focus on competitive sports which she performed exceedingly well. This love for dance and movement work was temporarily buried and had their beginnings when she tried short stints of adult ballet as she started working and in the recent years, rediscovered to a good depth when she decided she would live through her dreams now and allow her soul to lead.

She has been exploring contemporary dance for 3 years, free-form somatic movements for 2 years, qi gong for several months and a practitioner of Hatha Yoga for 5 years. It has since exponentially given a new dimension to her expressions, flexibility, creativity, joy and health.

Currently, she has infused inspired creations from these dance and movement and breath work right into her retreats for her audience, primarily focus on awakening parts of body that have not been used and given attention for a long time. It is her wish that through her work, she could help people access and use their body wisdom in tandem with their minds in the hurried and fast-paced world of today.

Background for Awareness & Application

Self-awareness and environmental awareness are one key strength that started at young tender age. As a child, Sue-Ann often pondered about the dynamics, relationships & nuances of life and eco-systems. Some of the burning questions she sought to understand as young as 11 years old include “Why am I here?”, “Why is life the way it has been – study, work, earn $, set up family, old age?”, “Is there a deeper meaning to life than these?” Nevertheless, she was also caught in the rat race and fulfilling family and societal expectations for a few decades. While she was growing, she had several encounters & exposure to deepen her understanding in emotions and life philosophies. One of the early teachings revolved around the concepts of Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Ancestral worship. While she doesn’t subscribe solely into any religion, she does live by basic principles of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Integrity & other qualities of humanity.

Her awareness has expanded and deepened in areas of social, environment, spiritual & self ever since she did deep work into self-development and self-mastery to become a better parent and player in the society (You can refer to above for the depth and breath of trainings she has taken up for skills, knowledge and experience). One of her keen interests is to become a role-model practitioner of her expertise and develop ways of practical applications for her clients.  

Background for Private Healing Work

During the period of heart opening and life awakening years, Sue-Ann discovered a natural ability to do proxy healing and holographic kinetic healing. During those times, she was in her practice for NLP life coaching, Bodytalk work, AFT work and Akashic work. And because results were important to her and facing critical loop issues her clients shared with her, her deep empathy and love created access into tapping her natural gifts to resolve them.

What this means is she is able to communicate directly to all things (living and non-living) and can see the past and feel the emotions of others completely, separate from herself. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as way before she discovered her gifts, she has a deep love for LIFE – always enjoyed growing and nurturing seeds & plants, speaking with them as they grow and exploring ways to save her pets when they were unwell. She has also listened and helped her siblings with practical advice way beyond her age during the growing years of internal conflicts. And months such as Hungry Ghost Festival always got her curious (not spooked) as she wondered about the night skies while she participated in the preparation of folding joss papers, burning and praying with her grandmother, just to name a few.


To date, she has helped elderly patients in coma communicate with their loved ones, so that they could say the deepest of their love and concerns to one another, reconcile in peace, before physical parting in this world. She has also supported various clients in sieving out the immediate issues they need to resolve within their body parts so that they can restore their natural states of ease and peace and move more confidently forward. Very often, the clients receive a deeper clarity than before so that they can direct their resources more effectively, with less wastage of time searching for solutions / answers. 

How can I help & support

Having juggled multiple roles at work and home & wearing many hats: mom, employee, entrepeneur, group interest committee leader, I fully understand the importance of feeling supported, self-care and self-love. And it isn’t by accident that I had to experience flurries in my life journey that one can only imagine. It has given me the depth of awareness, insights & deep love for common humanity. My desire is to share these through the creation of mindfulness-based wellbeing products, services and programmes to support your journey towards a better you – clarity, inner strength and harmony & inner peace. This is a good space where you will explore, discover, learn and feel supported. You will walk away, in a deep awareness of your life journey and efficiently equipped to dance with life gracefully and joyfully.

What To Do Next

You simply deserve the best because you are a gift by Life. Give yourself an indulging, pampering, premium experience of mindfulness wellbeing gifts. And experience an awakening mindfulness group programme, retreat or individual coaching with me. 


Connect with me today in a free 30-minute discovery call to see how I can serve you and help you to align with your innermost heart’s dreams and enhance your quality of life with an integrated mindfulness approach. Click here now. 

It’s a vision of a space where we are heard and we feel safe & at ease. Each individual matters - self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. As we connect within our hearts and bodies, we become clear of our purposes and more fully at peace and joyful. Each is different and yet feels sameness with the other. We belong as One. & We connect. Together. As a community. Hence, Our Sacred Sanctuary is born.