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8 Week Secular Mindfulness Programme

Mindfulness is a very useful and versatile tool that can be applied across contexts and in any parts of our lives, be it work, in our conversations, daily routines, as we travel, exercise, wellness.

It is however an abstract concept that can only be grasped through experience and having it as a consistent practice into our lives. Unlike other tools and types of self-mastery classes, it doesn’t have a WOW or rah rah factor. It moves quietly and its impact comes when you are least expecting it. However once you get the essence, you will have attained a very empowering skill – mental and emotional resilience and intelligence. EFFORTLESSLY. You may even have the sharp awareness to step out of the mind and observe how it is, in all its patterns. You will be unfazed by all kinds of drastic external challenges and you may have a wider clarity of the range of options you can take to change the experience before you. You will start to notice the subtleties that make up life and feel its full spectrum of richness. You can sit in contentment or choose to take an intentional action.

Sounds cool? 

In short, it helps you to experience BEING human, less DOING human.  

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally,” Jon Kabat-Zinn

In mindfulness for well-being enhancement, we will practise the following concepts:

  • training our minds to focus and pay attention to areas which deepens awareness.
  • Deepen awareness into subtleties.
  • Strengthen acceptance  (This is different from resigning to fate or simply agreeing. It is proactive and carries the feeling of understanding with ease and harmony within)

“If there is anything that can help you understand yourself more clearly and easily, it will be the practice of mindfulness in your being.”

If you are curious about mindfulness, may i invite you to consider this as your next course for personal development. You will have yourself to thank for at the end of the 8-week programme, looking back to where you first begin. 

The Programme

What It Includes

1. Being Curious

Learning from within and recognising autopilot

2. Holistic Wellbeing

Understanding Wellbeing & Attention

3. Response-Ability

Exploring and accepting the mind

4. Focusing On What Works

Acceptance, self-compassion & happiness

5. Meaningful Engagement

Acceptance, control and strengths

6. Generating Perspectives

Being human, gratitude, kindness

7. Mindful Living

Interpretation, prioritisation, intention

8. The Future In The Present Moment

Mindfulness, wellbeing, happiness

Who Is This For?

  • People who are always on the go and want to increase productivity
  • People who want to manage others better
  • People who feel deeply emotional about others or things happening their lives
  • People who wants to improve their lives and don't know how else to do so

What The Programme Entails

  • 8 sessions of 2.5 hours per week
  • 4 hour silent retreat
  • Physical grounded space (Sol Latte in Chinatown / Mindful Space in Newton)
  • Upclose and personal of 6 - 10 pax
  • Guided facilitation, coaching and teaching
  • Inquiry learning
  • Guided secular meditations, activities and practices
  • Handbook and audio tracks
  • Gene Keys personality summary booklet and infused contemplation guidance (Bonus!)

Note on punctuality: For all group programmes, punctuality is honoured. Give your selves the kindness of arriving 10 minutes before time for ease of your own transition. Should participant be late due to unforeseen circumstances, kindly wait outside until the next interval. This is in due respect for the group dynamics already within the space and also to allow for the acknowledgement of the ones who join in later.

Coach’s Background

Our Coach is a mindfulness practitioner in her being. She finds it one of the most useful self-mastery tool that can be conveniently practised anywhere anytime. Through it, she deepens into the practice of 无为 (wu wei) and has transformed from a tigress mom to a kitty mom. She also discovered the ability to become more energy-efficient in the moments despite the dramas going on around her. Best of all, she relived her life again and now has the time to fulfil her personal dreams, guilt-free. Her family relationships have also pivoted as a result. 

What You can do Next

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The next dates are: May - July 2024 and Sept - Nov 2024

Needs Fulfilment Meter Likely Satisfied By This Programme

(Approximate Guide)

The measurement is by no means an absolute. It is based on typical average person who has done no or little self-development and self-mastery work.

It’s a vision of a space where we are heard and we feel safe & at ease. Each individual matters - self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. As we connect within our hearts and bodies, we become clear of our purposes and more fully at peace and joyful. Each is different and yet feels sameness with the other. We belong as One. & We connect. Together. As a community. Hence, Our Sacred Sanctuary is born.