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Hello Parents! This message goes out to those who want to enjoy a deeper satisfaction from their parenting experience and feel alive beyond responsibilities of parenting.

Are you facing any of these challenges? 

  • Feel bogged down by parenting duties
  • Overwhelmed by the number of things to do within parenting schedule
  • Frustrated because it is so difficult to get your child to listen
  • Conflicts with spouse due to unfairness in parenting responsibilities
  • No time to spend time doing things you like until very late at night or only during public holidays or weekends
  • Tried many ways and solutions on parenting and feel stuck

If your answer is yes to any of the above, this programme is perfect for you!

Introducing to you:

Mindfulness-based Wellbeing Enhancement Programme

A simple but powerful evidence-based programme that works from within to enhance your wellbeing and capacity for happiness.

  • A Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Programme

It is a hybrid structured programme that combines Positivity Psychology, Stress-Reduction Mindfulness Programme and Cognitive-Based Therapy Mindfulness Programme. This programme is designed by Center for Mindfulness and meets the standards and approval of International Mindfulness Teachers Association

  • Guidance of Accredited Trained Mindfulness Teacher-Practitioner 

Participants received just-in-time guidance and support for learnings that surface during the 8-week journey in alignment to the concept of Mindfulness

  • Enhance Effective Parenting Skills That Work Just For You 

Not only will you experience a better relationship with your kids after that, you will also enjoy richer moments with yourself and with your spouse.

  • A Facilitated-Style Approach of Experiential & Explorative Learning

Participants can derive deeper understanding about themselves and enhance different areas of their lives, be it relationships, physical / mental / emotional health

  • Weekly Practices of 2.5 hours & 4-hour Retreat

Through consistent practices, participants can experience happiness, comfort, meaning, clarity, productivity and greater performance

  • Move Forward Effectively & Efficiently In Life

Cultivate essence of acceptance to see things as they are and ease the hold of automatic patterns as you continue forward in life

  • Better Quality Life & Relationships

Through embodiment of mindfulness, your relationships will automatically pivot. You will reconnect deeply with yourself and others

  • Strengthen Foundation for Silent Medtation Practices

Be it Vipassana or other spiritual meditations that you already have in place, this 8-week programme will complement well and help you develop better results

  • Flexibility of Payment 

You have the choice of modes of payments as well as to split into 3 or 4-month payments to ease your finances. You get to enjoy redemption of rewards of your choice too!

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Relearn and deepen my mindfulness practice. The teacher is kind. It was a great opportunity to be a student again.
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I like the mindfulness practices, open sharing, trainer's soothing voice and presence. She has a comforting demeanour & presence which allows room for self exploration. I have a deeper awareness and can incorporate more mindful practices in my life.
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I noticed that I become more mindful in my daily life. I have also become more sensitised in awareness of my body sensations. The teacher is passionate, kind and helpful.
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I am more in control of my emotions; and more sensitised to the physical sensations in my body. C.B.S. helps me to be conscious and aware of my quickened breathing and helps to calm be down in face of negative triggers. The teacher embodies calm and peace.
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It helped me with stress management techniques to prepare myself for the future. I like the techniques and the practices. I can incorporate them on a daily basis. The teacher is accomodative.
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I like the dedicated time every week for myself, the community: how open everyone is to share our thoughts and emotions during the practices, and of course the wonderful trainer, Sue Ann. I like the practice. It directly helps me to deal with some emotions i am struggling with.
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I'm more aware of what changes I need to have in my daily activities in terms of re-framing them. I like the interaction and sharing of experiences with course mates. And also the time away to do the practices. The teacher is understanding and holds space.
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It reminds me that I am not my thought and I can be psychologically free. I like the practical and useful practices which helps in my grounding. The teacher is very calming.

My Invitation to You

 What this 8-Week Mindfulness Programme entails:


You will be embarking your mindfulness journey with our trained Mindfulness teacher, Sue-Ann, who is a practitioner and uses mindfulness daily in her lifestyle since 2020. In her journey of a wide-range of explorations of healing work and soft skills training, she recognises the strength of mindfulness and with the richness of her past journeys, she will tweak the sessions to fit your context and support you to make it work for your life. 

We look forward to partnering you to create a smooth, productive & sustainable improvement for a better quality life & wellbeing through mindfulness. Click below to sign up now.

8-Week Secular Mindfulness-Based WellBeing Enhancement Programme

Next Intake: Jan to Mar 2024

Lesson Timings: Morning 9.30am to 12.00pm

Lesson Dates:

6 Jan, 13 Jan, 20 Jan, 27 Jan, 3 Feb, 17 Feb, 24 Feb, 2 Mar

Retreat Day: 20 Feb (Tues) 9.30am to 1.30pm (4hours)

Mode: Face-to-Face 

Price: $899 per pax (Include all materials) $791.12 (after membership rebate)

Payment Support: 3 - 4 Month Instalments Available By Shopback / Grabpay

Seats: 6 pax (Min) to 12 pax (Max)

It’s a vision of a space where we are heard and we feel safe & at ease. Each individual matters - self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. As we connect within our hearts and bodies, we become clear of our purposes and more fully at peace and joyful. Each is different and yet feels sameness with the other. We belong as One. & We connect. Together. As a community. Hence, Our Sacred Sanctuary is born.