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(NEW) 64 Facets of Love (Coming Your Way In July)

Welcome to our sanctuary of mindfulness-approached retreats. In this section, we will focus on a unique two-part 80-minute experiences directed by 21 themes from 64 facets of love. It is segmented into 3 main sections:

  • Sounds, Movements & Breath
  • Gene Keys Contemplation & activities
  • Mindfulness

It will be conducted in 2 parts:


Part 1 (80-minute): Gene Key Contemplation & Mindfulness

In this session, participants will explore 1 theme (a combination from 64 facets of love) in its lowest, highest and balanced states through life contexts e.g. fulfilments, relationships, addictions & needs e.g. belonging, power, fun, survival. There will be activities, guided curated contemplation meditations and mindfulness-based inquiry segments. Participants can expect to gain fresh and empowering insights and become their own enabler as they navigate through life. 


20-minute break:

This is included when participants take both parts. Made of wholesome, fresh, nourishing ingredients, the bontanical gastronomic palatable snacks are unique and not to be missed! They are specially curated by our collaborator, Anne Schot, a Le Cordon Bleu Graduate & founder of Delice Asan


Part 2 (80-minute):  Mindfulness Through Sounds, Movements & Breath

In this session, participants will be taken through the same theme from part 1, but through a rich repertoire of sounds, pitch, rhythm and tempo and allow for the insights / realisations / information from part 1 to translate and assimilate into the hearts and bodies.  They will also experience a fusion of mindfulness with movements that will create space, circulation, love, sensuality & understanding within their body parts and systems. Through this part, expect awareness and acceptance deeper within yourself. 

You can choose which part you want to attend. It is highly recommended to attend both parts so that you received multi-level learnings from different forms.

The 64 Facets of Love

This class is for those who want to touch-base to themselves regularly and restore their wellbeing at a deep level through deeply relaxing ways in the midst of time constraint and their busy schedules.

It is for those who are in search or to sharpen and shapen deeper directions, purpose and life truths. They have a good level of mental and emotional maturity. They are also in search of how to breakthrough in the closest (e.g. family) relationships which seems more divided due to different priority sets and paces of self-developments.

Our focal point is the practice of contemplation: where we allow accept and embrace fusion of love, mindfulness and 无为.

With time, they will build up a solid, empowering well-being that is permanently lasting, with minimal effort. 

This is a 21-session programme and small group focused. It can take 1 year of bi-monthly sessions or 2 years of once-a-month session to complete. 

This replaces our past half-day retreats.

It is born out of demand for shorter, more focused and concise classes that are done regularly for useful learnings that are life-applicable. 

What Am I In For During This Experience?

Guided Gene Keys Inspired Explorations

We will explore life themes for one facet of love one at a time. With support and understanding, take away learnings that enable us to live better.

Guided Secular Mindfulness Approach 

You will develop and experience the essence of mindfulness within a safe space with the guidance of Accredited Mindfulness Teacher-Practitioner

A Facilitated-Style Approach of Experiential & Explorative Learning & Activities

We will connect our mind with heart and body in a synchronised fashion and witness the magic of such connections

Release Tensions In Body

Through the guided flow of activities and art of practising in the being, you will notice gentle & gradual ease in parts of body

Refresh & Recharge Your Being

Be expected to ease mental, emotional and physical fatigue and receive tips to apply into your day to day moments.

Sounds, Love, Ease & Grounding Meditation

This sound, grounding and releasing meditation takes you on a loving journey and helps you ease into deep relaxation and to let go what is no longer useful. 

Flexibility of Payment

You have the choice of modes of payments as well as to split into 3 or 4-months payment to ease your finances.

Community Connection

You will be part of a community and have access to your guide and others on the same journey as you. The session's summary and experience will be captured to enhance learning.  Together we grow better and happier.

Hear What They Say (for Part 2)

Background of Facilitator

Please click here for details. 

Past 1 Hour Retreats

My Invitation To You

The best way to understand what the experience is like and how it will benefit you is:

You embark it yourself. Try it out.

You will be surprised what these simple, curated experiences will unfold for you.

64 Facets of Love (Min. 80 minutes. Max. 3 hours)

Commence Date (1st week Friday of each month): 5th July 2024

Time: 6pm to 7.30pm (Part 1)

          Break (20min) Light snacks provided         

          7.50pm to 9pm (Part 2)        

Mode: Face-to-Face

Venue: Our Music Studio @ Tanglin

Seats: limited. Class commence with 6 participants.

Price:  $89 per pax per part 

         $158 per pax (if take both parts)

         Prices are before 12% cash rebate.

*Payment is to be made by latest 1 week before actual day to confirm your place. This will help us in our logistics. Appreciate your promptness. See you soon!

Note on punctuality: For all group programmes, punctuality is honoured. Give your selves the kindness of arriving 10 minutes before time for ease of your own transition. Should participant be late due to unforeseen circumstances, kindly wait outside until the next interval. This is in due respect for the group dynamics already within the space and also to allow for the acknowledgement of the ones who join in later.

Needs Fulfilment Meter Likely Satisfied By This Programme

(Approximate Guide)

The measurement is by no means an absolute. It is based on typical average person who has done no or little self-development and self-mastery work.

It’s a vision of a space where we are heard and we feel safe & at ease. Each individual matters - self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. As we connect within our hearts and bodies, we become clear of our purposes and more fully at peace and joyful. Each is different and yet feels sameness with the other. We belong as One. & We connect. Together. As a community. Hence, Our Sacred Sanctuary is born.